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We have and continue to revolutionize Estate Sales, resulting in more money in your pocket, a more secure, discreet, and private liquidation experience, and a quicker, more efficient process from start to finish. Our responsive staff members possess their own set of specialized knowledge, so you’re assured of receiving not only top dollar, but also the most professional and reliable experience possible. We have earned a reputation for handling the best special collections from estates throughout the Chicagoland and surrounding areas.

I’d like to personally thank you for visiting our site and let you know that we’re here for you, and we’re looking forward to helping easy your transition.

Deborah Hernandez
Founder and Principal Advisor 

How We’re Making a Difference

I found myself in a situation where I had some large furnishings that needed to be sold and removed from a property immediately. I had tried everything on my own and couldn’t find an interested party. I contacted Chicago Estate Advisors to see if they could help and within 24 hours I had a buyer for the items that were removed from the property the following day. They are knowledgeable, have a powerful network to call upon when needed and they work hard to get you the best price possible. My only regret is not going with them sooner! The Chicago Estate Advisors team is easy to work with, extremely reliable, fair and, above all, honest. I couldn’t have been happier!

Chicago Estate Advisors helped our family through a grim time after losing our mom. Their team came to our 3,000 square foot home in Niles, IL., sold and cleaned everything. They even found items that had been missing for more than 30 years. After the Estate Sale they cleaned and staged everything. We were paid the day they completed and sold the house a week after.

We were closing our doors after 25 years of service. Chicago Estate Advisors came into our 10,000 square foot office space and they were able to sell everything for us, at a fair price and with a quick turnaround. My staff and I felt it was an easy transition and a very professional experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, one week to research, sale pricing, appraisals, photograph and advertising, marketing setting up, hiring of security staff and list items to be sold during the Estate sale.

No. Once a contract has been signed, nothing can be removed. The determination of the Estate Sale is based on commissions and each item is factored into the projected commissions.

No contract will be signed if a current insurance declaration is not provided.

No. Most estate sales or liquidations occur when a family member passes away, or when someone is moving.

No. Once an actual estate sale date is decided and a contract has been signed, all cost is specified and will be deducted after the sale. (sale pricing, appraisals, photographs and advertising, marketing setting up, hiring of security staff and list items to be sold during the Estate sale.

Depending on the how valuable the items are and how large the premises is, will decide how many sales associates and security is needed.


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